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Tree stump removal by C-Trees and More

  • Full removal of tree stumps: Rest assured we will fully eliminate the stump thoroughly and to your satisfaction, ensuring extraction below ground level.
  • Root removal: We ensure any problem roots are also removed while remaining aware of preserving the existing landscape.
Tree stump

The Stump Removal Process by C-Trees and More

We offer complete stump removal services to provide the opportunity for a clean and refined look to the finished space. With stump removal you can expect:

  • The entirety of the problem stump will be eliminated through careful excavation of the main trunk and surrounding roots.
  • We pay special attention to minimizing the impact to the rest of your space
  • We aim to use the lightest weight equipment for the job
  • We communicate directly with you about the goals of your project
  • We carefully work around existing utilities so you don't have to worry

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